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Waterfowl, Upland Game, and North American Big & Small Game Taxidermy

National, award winning taxidermist, Dennis Currier, has been crafting quality small game, upland game, and North American big & small game taxidermy works of art for two decades - preserving memories since 1992.

It is no wonder he specializes in the taxidermy of small game, upland, and other birds. He offers high quality at reasonable prices, including custom habitat, glass cases, and wood working.

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Pre-Taxidermy Bird Care

Field care and preparation is important to maximize the quality of your taxidermy bird mount.

If you down a bird you wish to have mounted, recover the bird yourself, as dogs can sometimes be rough during the retrieve. Also, do not carry your bird by the neck because it can cause feather loss. For birds that are still alive, do not ring your bird's neck. Instead, grasp the breast tightly with your hands until it succumbs.

Next, gently remove any blood from your bird's feathers as soon as possible, then cool your prize bird, shielding it from direct sunlight.

Finally, do not clean your bird. Place your bird, head first, into a nylon stocking and wrap it in a plastic bag being careful not to wrap or distort the tail feathers, and freeze your packaged bird. The sooner you freeze it, the better. Then give us a holler to discuss your personal taxidermy waterfowl, upland, or bird mount needs.

Our Taxidermy Work

We offer a limited number of taxidermy bird mounts each year. Depending on the condition of your bird, as well as your desired mount position and habitat, proper taxidermy work is a time demanding process. It is similar to fine art - the details are important, and can't be rushed.

You can drop off your birds year round, but we actively taxidermy from February to June, and then again during October and November of each year. Our suggestion is to schedule as early as possible, especially if an important occasion is involved.

Taxidermy Rates

Standard mounts start at about $300.00 per bird, and depending on habitat requirements will require further investment.

Contact us for more information, and to discuss your unique taxidermy needs.

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